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Active For All Universal Ball For Hand ExerciseMade from safe & inert Polyurethane material, has excellent resilience for a long time. Compatible for hydrotherapy.Designed for pleasurable exercising regimen, thus has high patient compliance. Compact size for easy holding during, forearm, wrist, ..
Active For All Universal Finger ExerciserCan effectively the finger blood circulation, enhanced finger strength, particularly effectiveStrengthen weaker fingers for hitting, throwing, and fieldingEqual tension per fingerParticularly for physical exercises, such as baseball, golf, hiking, rock climbi..
Pulse Oximeter Pulse Oximeter
-62 %
Oximeter Operation:Open the clip by pressing the PUSH button at the topPlace your finger in so that it is parallel to the groundTurn on the oximeter with the white buttonRead the obtained measurementRemove your finger from the oximeter, the device turns off after a whileSymbol designation:% Sp02 - o..
₹575 ₹1,499
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