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Hearing Aids


Active For All Alps PM Deluxe Plus Pocket Model Hearing AidProduct features : covers up to 100db, noise-free listening, very easy volume control panel, automatic adjustments to different sounds..
Active For All Digital Diagnostic Audiometer 5000AFeatures :Test Pure Tone (Air Conduction, Bone Conduction, Free Field inbuilt Amplifier)Masking Wide Band MaskingSpeech Test Speech Test (-10dB to 120dB)Talk Back/Talk Over Talk Over & Talk Back Amplifier InbuiltSpecial Test Pulse Tone, Tone Deca..
Analog audio service aid to help with hearing...
Semi digital hearing aid to help with hearing...
Electronic audiometer with extreme precision...
Pocket hearing aid that is durable and extra strong...
Speech trainer to help with speech impairment, learning to speak after surgery and training the larynx...
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